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Click to visit Antony's Blog for the latest fishing reports

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Fly Fishing for Beginners (by the hour, half-day, full-day or two-day weekend workshops)

* Available every day for individuals and private groups
* Scheduled Group Workshop Dates can be found here
Instruction is both informal and practical
The best way to learn to fly fish is with a professional instructor at your
shoulder. Getting the correct tuition from the beginning is paramount to success and short-cuts the learning process by years.

A good fly fishing instructor will be able to tailor the information for each individual, ensuring that the learning process is both successful and enjoyable. From the basic themes and tenets of the sport to the most minute of details, obtained only through thousands of hours spent on the water, our instructors are skilled at interpreting the needs of different clients and tailoring the tuition to suit.

At GVFFC we have been teaching fly fishing full-time since 1994. During this time we have refined the process and offer what we believe is Australia's best fly fishing teaching service. We have a full time staff of five instructors, all of whom are Members of the Professional Fishing Instructors and Guides Association of Australia.

The most popular options for beginner fly fishers are our half and full day sessions. These are available on any day, and at any time. This flexibility allows our clients to fit sessions into busy schedules imposed by work, family or life in general.

The tuition is usually conducted 1:1. Put this way - we do not put you in a group or with other people. Larger groups i.e. private workshops can also be arranged if required to cater for family/work groups, bringing the per person price down for those on more of a budget.

A half or full day beginner session will typically cover the following things:

  • Gear overview
  • Knots
  • Casting instruction
  • Line management
  • Entomology
  • Fly selection
  • Trout behavior
  • Streamcraft - practical fishing skills out on the water
  • Reading water - lakes and rivers
  • Stalking fish
  • Fishing blind
  • Casting to fish
  • Releasing fish

Our beginner sessions are designed to teach you the fundamentals and get you actually fishing as quickly as possible. Hence there is no classroom atmosphere, note taking or lectures. While we will provide you with the most important notes to take home with you, the session is structured around developing practical skills and working outside on the water.Instruction is both informal and practical

Beginners need only a hat, pair of sunglasses and appropriate clothing for the day’s weather. Everything else is provided by us so that you can first find out whether fly fishing is for you. If you have your own gear that is great and we suggest you use it, but otherwise we provide everything that is needed. We even have good quality yet inexpensive beginner’s combos (including rod, reels, line, leader and fly) for sale in the shop. That way if you do enjoy it and wish to purchase the sort of gear you learned with, you can do so at the completion of the session and be ready to fish.

Fly fishing is a wonderful activity that gets you out and about in wonderful locations and may even take you around the world to some of the most beautiful places imaginable.

We have taught literally thousands of people to fly fish since starting this business back in 1994. We can also help you to make that first leap into fly fishing a success.

Phone us now on FreeCall 1800 458 111 or 0418 995 611 to discuss the options.


For those that prefer to learn in a group environment we also run Beginner's Workshops with a maximum of 9 people and three instructors at set times each year. Check this link for upcoming dates.

To book or for more information phone us on Free Call 1800 458 111

For those interested in learning to fly fish as part of a larger group please Click here







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