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Learning to tie flies is fun with us at Goulburn Valley Fly Fishing Centre

Fly Tying Workshop June 28th 2003

The most recent workshop was conducted on June 28th and again we had a full complement of would be fly tiers in attendance. A good group size of nine ensured that there would be plenty of individual attention for everyone with at least two guides running the show at any time.

The idea was to get people to tie as many varied flies as was possible for the day. We wanted everyone to learn as much as possible and the day went off without a hitch. Everyone who attended managed to tie at least each of the following patterns. A Hare and Copper nymph, Cochybondhu, Tom Jones, Pheasant Tail nymph, Klinkhammer, BMS, Beadhead Pheasant Tail Flashback nymph, Elk Hair Caddis, Woolly bugger, Backwater Beetle, Chernobyl Ant, Miss Knobby X and a Rubicon Hopper! Thirteen individual fly patterns almost all requiring different techniques to master.

The day was a lot of fun for all involved and you could hardly have picked a better time to be indoors tying flies The most heard comments "I never thought fly tying would be so easy' and ' It is a lot more fun than we expected'as the rain was belting down in the morning and it was quite cold. The fire was going all day and we had a great view while tying with the Cathedral Range out one window and our lakes complete with rising fish out the back. The most distracting classroom in the world!

All involved pick the skills well and it was good to see such an enthusiatic bunch leave us at day's end, all thinking of flies to be tied in the coming days and weeks as the new season approaches. For those that attended it is worth mentioning that David snuck out to the Pondage and got a take on his Small class sizes ensure plenty of personal attentionvery own Woolly Bugger but unfortunately did not hook up. If anyone who participated gets a fish in the near future on one of the flies that they tied that weeekend we would love to display it on the new honour board page that we are constructing. The idea will be to have a page where those who attend one of the classes can share their succeses with the others in the group.

Due to the popularity of this day and also because we had to turn a few away due to filling the quota we will now offer a regular fly tying weekend. Anyone wishing to join us should check the fly tying workshop page.A BBQ lunch is always good on a cold winter's day

So thanks to all that attended. We will look forward to seeing your first creations when we next see you.

Words from one of the participants sent via email today

WHAT A DAY !!!!!!

I booked the fly tying course at GVFF with some trepidation because, whilst I have been fly fishing for about 6 or 7 years, more seriously in the last 2 or 3 and know some of the fly names and fishing techniques, etc - I knew nothing about the tying process. I had the view that there
was enough to learn about this addictive sport, without the added complications of tying the flies as well.

At 9.00am, I was relieved to learn that at least half of the group (9 of us), had not been involved in tying flies before, even though they had fished for some years. The others had done some but felt they needed to gain some more understanding of the techniques involved.

Well, no messing around, straight into my 1st fly, a nymph, with dubbing and bobbin techniques somewhat conquered, it was a bit scrawny but we were all very proud of our first attempts. Next onto a dry Cochybondhu learning about feathers, then more materials and techniques including bead heads, palmering, lead, copper, deer hair and hoppers, beetles, hi
viz, sparkle flash, foam , etc, etc

Everyone ended up making about 14 very different flies and every one got better as the day progressed, mainly due to the clear instructions, demonstrations and patience for Antony, Geoff and David. I thought we would get about 3 or 4 basic flies done and there would be a lot of slow boring periods. Wrong - I was very impressed at the rate we all progressed at and the variety of flies I now have - Woolly Bugger, Klinkhammer, Tom Jones, Knobby X, Goulburn Griffith, Flashback beadhead nymph, Chenobyl Ant, Elk Hair Caddis, Backwater beetle, etc

We then talked about vices, bobbins, scissors, and other tools and what materials would be needed to practise what we had just learnt.

I think this day taught me more about the any one facet of fly fishing than any other day I have experienced so far. The only thing nobody could tell me is, where I get the extra hours in the day to fit work, gardening, etc around my new hobby

Dennis Smart

Thanks for the write up Dennis! To learn more about these days click here for the fly tying workshop page.



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