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Swap #2: Small Duns 

Participants were asked to tie their favourite Small Dun pattern. The results would suggest that most people prefer a low riding parachute dun pattern that offers both a good look at the body and also a very prominent wing. The advantage of this is that the fish get a much better look at the pattern and the fact that it has all the correct features. It also means that the fly always lands the correct way unlike some more traditional patterns. Some also argue that it represents two stages of the hatch, it being able to be seen as a dun and also as an emerger/cripple/stillborn due to its low riding qualities.

The patterns that were not tied in a parachute style featured some clever use of alternative materials for both body and wings. We would think that most people would be confident to fish all the seasons dun hatches with a selection of these flies in a few sizes. 

Hope you enjoy them!

Rusty Tailrace Dun  by Antony Boliancu

The standard Goulburn and Rubicon River Dun pattern. Used now for seven seasons with great success it has also recently been acknowledged overseas where on Spring Creeks on the South Island it took many fussy fish.  Click on the pic for more detail or for full tying details click here.

Antony's Rusty Tailrace Dun
Olive Dun by Ashley Morrow

It seems many of us like parachute ties when imitating the sub-imago stage of the Mayfly. This one in olive is a favourite of Ashley Morrow and we can see why. A white wing post aids in locating the fly on the water and olive colouration matches many naturals.  Click on the pic for more detail.

Ashley's Olive Dun
Lunn's Particular by Ian Mitchell

Ian tied up a batch of these detailing how well they work in his email. He also tied a few extra for us to use he was so pleased with the success of this pattern. Whether here on the Goulburn or on the South Island this is an effective small dun pattern. Click on the pic for more detail.

Ian's Dun
Small Highland Dun X by Kevin Handasyde

Kevin ties up smaller versions of the famous Tasmanian pattern for fishing here on the mainland. The dark brown colour closely resembles many Mayflies found both in Victorian still waters and stream. The prominent wing is the key feature. Click on the pic for more detail.

Kevin's small Highland Dun
Leigh's Parachute by Leigh Baragwanath

Leigh dropped a box of flies for the swap a long time ago now and we are very interested from the moment we saw them. The debate about what fish see is still a hot one and the use of several colours of dubbing is quite clever. A good dun profile with this neat parachute tie. Click on the pic for more detail.

Leigh's Dun
Grey Dun  by Mick Mc Brien 

Mick is one of these guys who usually has something out of the ordinary to share. Whether it is a fly pattern, short essay or some new dubbing he has invented so it was a surprise to see a standard parachute tie! Works very well on local rivers with a prominent Hi-Vis wing. Click on the pic for more detail.

Mick's Dun
CDC Dun by Rod Booker

The first pattern like this I actually saw was some years ago when a Welsh friend sent me a few so it was interesting to find an aussie flyfisher who used them. A delicate fly just like he natural it seeks to imitate the CDC wing feels more like the natural insect than most. Click on the pic for more detail.

Rod's CDC Dun
Sing's Dun by Sing Ling

Sing ties exquisite flies and the photo here really doesn't do the collection justice. Very similar to Leigh's in its construction this pattern is Sing's favourite dun for fishing in the Thornton area. A honey wing post is used here just like our favourite Rusty Tailrace Dun. Click on the pic for more detail.

Sing's Dun

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